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Pass your estate to your heirs and avoid unnecessary taxes, lawyers, courts or the probate system.  Lack of planning and action may lead to over payment in inheritance taxes to the IRS upon the passing of an estate to the heirs. 

You are also vulnerable and more likely to fall into the estate-devouring probate system.  This process can take up to two years in delayed distributions of assets and can cause additional emotional stress and hardship on your loved ones.  The probate process allows public disclosure of your assets, debts and heirs and involves attorneys and expensive probate fees.  Your estate is subject to the maximum estate tax and is completely court controlled and public.  The court can also designate court appointed guardians and/or conservators.

With proper planning, your family can avoid unnecessary emotional impact, probate, courts and excessive inheritance taxes to the IRS.  Personalized assistance and solutions combined with knowledge of proper estate and wealth preservation tools are major factors in putting an effective plan together.  For further assistance or information, Certified Estate Planning Professionals equipped with the knowledge and solutions to fit your needs are available by completing and submitting the short form above or call (832-831-3612).

About Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation

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