Lincoln Carr & Associates, Inc.

Mentorship Request

  • Orientation
  • Personal Interview
  • Acceptance and Training
  • 90-day Probationary Period ($400 weekly salary)
  • Post 90-day (increase weekly salary)
  • Lincoln & Katie Sue Carr Scholarship Award       

Program Overview

Mentorship Program

Lincoln Carr & Associates, Inc. is offering a Mentorship Program for University students as a part of the non-profit organization, the Lincoln & Katie Sue Carr Scholarship Fund.  The program is designed to teach the tools needed to be successful as an entrepreneur in any field, such as marketing & sales, business, finance, law, etc.  

Integrity, enthusiasm, dependability, accountability and self-motivation are character traits needed for our business.  Our Mentorship Program is part-time allowing flexible hours to accommodate class schedules for students.  The program requires minimum of one semester active participation to be eligible for the $1,000 scholarship award.  University graduates, law students or seniors interested should send a resume with current contact information to the address below or call 832-831-3612 for further information.