Realistically, planning should start immediately.  Taking time to speak with an advisor to provide you with personalized solutions and strategies based on factors such as your retirement goals, age, income, expenses, etc.

The sooner you start planning, the better.  It is always wise to have time on your side rather than working against you.  Time and money are synonymous and money can only have growth with time.

When should I start planning?

Although, planning for future retirement may seem trivial and a long way off, it plays an important role in your life and requires time to create substantial growth of funds.  When a person retires, he/she no longer works, however, this does not mean that living expenses also come to a halt.  

During the retirement years, many seniors' days are spent enjoying their family and hobbies, traveling and even consistent doctor visits/appointments.  All of these situations are a part of daily activity and are considered expenses, therefore, adequate funds have to be available for use.  Proper and timely planning is needed to compensate for those future Golden years.

Why is planning for retirement important?

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